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LED Municipal Lighting

GEA will bring your streets and roadways into the LED age with an LED lighting solution, that is custom designed for your specific lighting requirements.

Through photometric evaluations, our lighting engineers determine the correct fixture type with the light output and lensing patterns needed, for each lighting application. This assures that you have the perfect light levels on streets, motorways, pedestrian areas and any roadways.

GEA manufactures a wide range of LED lighting fixtures and control options to give optimum performance and maximum lifetime operation. All luminaries undergo rigorous testing, quality control and have world wide certifications to meet any safety and electrical requirements.

LED Street/Roadway Lighting | LED Street/Roadway Lighting Units

Smart Grid

The world needs  innovative approaches to managing the world’s transmission and distribution (T&D) networks. Utilities across the globe are searching for new ideas on how to conserve energy, ensure reliable delivery, enable new services and provide for energy efficiencies —all leveraging a power grid that’s already strained by the demands of modern society. GEA is at the forefront  of accelerating energy innovation to enable a smarter grid, helping utilities and countries  around the world to advance toward using innovative technologies to meet the worlds energy needs.

Advanced Metering

Advanced Metering solutions provide high coverage rates, support a broad range of meter vendors, and interfaces with utilities’ back-office meter data management (MDM) systems to simplify the collection of and billing for energy consumption.

Demand Response

GEA Demand Response solutions enable utilities to directly connect with their customers and empower them to optimize their energy efficiency program to balance cost, comfort, and convenience while reducing peak load.

Reducing peak loads and deferring additional generation capacity are key initiatives for most smart utility networks. Demand Response (DR) programs that stimulate adoption, penetration, and retention provide the framework for realizing those peak load goals. Leveraging Home Area Network (HAN) devices in concert with DR programs dramatically improves the success of these programs.

Transmission Management

Distribution Management

Todaysdistribution model and in the future will feature the flow of power in two directions. This energy will come from new and different technologies connected the grid throughout the network from various sized suppliers.

(Advanced distribution management Systems )DMS) will provide the utility with the ability to adjust operating the system more actively and with the use of smart devices, sensors and advanced analysis applications.

This evolution will require  the expansion of automation to all distribution substations and further onto the feeders with automated reclosers, switches, regulators, capacitors and other smart devices and sensors.

Meter Data Management

The advent of the Smart Grid and the use of Advanced Meter Infrastructure with generate more data than their legacy predecessors.
By using sophisticated sensing, communication and information processing technologies to assist utility companies at delivering power, managing assets and interfacing with its customers. This level of data will require a data management system to organize this information and make it available to the utility.


Sustainable energy


Energy Management

Intelligent energy management software control system is designed to reduce energy consumption, improve the utilization of the system, increase reliability, predict electrical system performance, and optimize energy usage to reduce cost.





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