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Accelerating Energy Innovation

Global Energy Advantage Corporation (GEA) GEA’s energy technology solutions are based on the best of breed suite of software applications, infrastructure and professional services. Partnering with the industry leaders such as ABB, Silver Spring, OSI, Sensus, IBM, Oracle and others GEA will provide a complete analysis of the issues and identification of the solution for our clients systems.
GEA provides a completely turn-key solution for its clients engineered to their individual requirements. No two smart grid or intelligent utility networks are ever the same yet there are many aspects common between them. Each project has its unique drivers such as geography, density, efficiency targets, financial targets, legacy systems, local laws and regulations, social impacts, technology requirements, etc. GEA works with its clients to understand fully those requirements and then develop a turn-key system to meet those requirements selecting the best of breed technology and cutting edge product  solutions. Our key value to our clients is our complete focus on the client’s needs without a bias toward a particular technology vendor.                

Utilities in many parts of the world, and especially in the United States, are experiencing radical operational change as they deploy smart grid upgrades. To meet this challenge, many utilities are already seeking consulting and implementation services from vendors to assist with smart grid deployments.  And even after the infrastructure is in place, utilities will face a new set of challenges associated with ongoing smart grid operations, presenting an expanded opportunity for managed service providers.
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Value Proposition

  • Guidance to achieve Smart Grid objectives
    • Because the investments are large, the decisions complex and the technology choices are diverse
  • Turn-key Smart Grid Solutions
    • Because there are so many complex and interdependent pieces to evaluate and integrate
  • Best of Breed Products and Partners
    • Because all Smart Grid deployments are different: “one size fits none”
  • Comprehensive Integration Services
    • Because a Smart Grid system is more than the sum of its parts
  • Maximize ROI on Deployments
    • Consulting and Planning
    • Integration Services
    • Unbiased Vendor Selection
    • Knowledge Transfer
    • Financial Considerations
    • Relationships with Tier 1 Banking Partners


Contact Us

Global Energy Advantage, Inc
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